Where will the session take place?

The session will take place within the privacy of our studio located in Fairport, NY. If you are interested in having your session take place at another location, please contact us directly to make arrangements.

May I bring a friend along?

Absolutely! You can bring a friend along who will be supportive and encouraging, to accompany you. During camera time I ask that your friend stay in the waiting area to avoid distraction. However, we do not allow your significant other to be at the studio during your shoot.

Can my friend take pictures during the shoot?

No. Due to the nature of the shoot and the contract we are under with our clients, we ask that no other type of camera be allowed during the shoot, including cell phone cameras.

Are you sure boudoir is for me?

Of course it's for YOU! We firmly believe that boudoir photography is for all women regardless of shape, size or age.

Will you use my images on your website?

Your privacy is our priority. We do not post images online without written permission from our clients. If you'd like us to post your images on our website or blog, we would be thrilled to do it but you will have to sign a release form giving us your written permission to do so.

I'm shy in front of the camera and don't really know how to pose... Will you help me?

No need to worry. Almost every client feels nervous. We will guide you throughout the entire session. You don't need to know how to pose and you won't be asked to perform. We will show you how to pose and display the right expression. We know how to capture you in a way that would be the most flattering to your body type.

Do you photoshop?

Yes we do. After the session we select the best images for you to view and perform artistic enhancements and subtle retouches to those images. Our goal is to present the best YOU without making you look like someone else. Additional photoshop requests can be discussed at your photo-shop appointment (additional charges may apply).

Can I do my own hair & make up?

Though we do not recommend it, you certainly can do your own hair and makeup. We offer competitive rates for our own team of professionals who know exactly how to enhance your beauty and make your features sparkle in just the right way!

Do people ever book a session as a gift to themselves?

Absolutely! Many of our clients do a session as gift to themselves.

Can I reschedule my session?

You can certainly reschedule. We completely understand that at times things come up and you need to change your session date. However, since we do reserve that time just for you we ask that you give us at least 2 days notice. If you forget about your appointment or you need to reschedule more than 3 times, you'll need to pay a $50 fee to reschedule.

What is your refund policy?

Due the custom nature of boudoir photography, all fees and payments for any sessions, services and products are non refundable.


Right now! Call or email us anytime to book your session! (585.421.9650 - hello@theboudoir.studio) We require the session fee to be paid at booking.

Please keep in mind that we do book very fast and are usually fully booked at least 2 weeks out. Also, please allow 6-10 weeks for the whole process to take place - from your session to having the finished product in hand. We hope to hear from you soon!

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