Meet Ashley

Today we want you to meet Ashley! She is a total sweetheart and was such a pleasure to work with. She did this session in order to have a gift for her fiance, but as you'll see by her words below, it turned out to be just as much for her as for him! Here's what she says about the experience:

Q - Please use 3 words to describe how you felt in the moments leading up to your boudoir session:

A - Excited more than anything. Nervous, about getting my picture taken. Already feeling beautiful because of the makeup artist.

Q - How did you feel during your boudoir session?

A - Beautiful. It was so much fun and Asif was professional and funny. It was a great time!

Q - What went through your mind when you first saw your images?

A - "Is that me?!?" I never knew I could look so beautiful and sexy. It gave me a glimpse into what my fiance sees, the compliments he always gives me. I can see them now.

Q - What would you say to someone who is considering doing a boudoir session?

A - Do it! Do it for yourself first,  do it for your partner secondly. Seeing yourself like that, it is an amazing feeling. Such a confidence booster. I'm not afraid to be sexy now.  Not uncomfortable in my own skin.


(Ashley's gorgeous makeup was done by Shoranda Iyez of Painting Faces!

And here are the stunning end results: