Meet Liz

Most of our clients interact with us by email at first and sometimes it's hard to get to know someone by email. This was not the case with Liz - her emails literally made me (Nicki) laugh out loud over and over again! It was like I was interacting with a close friend (and a hilarious friend at that!) before I had ever met her! Well, working with her throughout the process was just wonderful. She was a ton of fun during the session, making Asif, Andrea, and Tiffany (her hair and makeup stylist) laugh hysterically as well! 

When I finally got to meet her at her PhotoShop appointment (that's when she saw her images for the first time), she really did seem like a long-time friend and it was so incredible to see her response to her images. We asked her some questions about her experience so I'll let her tell the rest:

Q - What made you decide to book a boudoir session with Boudoir Studio 6201?

A - I have done many shoots with places around the Rochester area. I always knew what I wanted when it came to my pictures but none of the other places quite got it right, I never really felt the "oh my god" when it came to my finished pictures. I knew when I spoke with Nicki and her husband that I had the right place and that I would be well taken care of. Their extreme talent and need for perfection made them my choice. Every photo they have (I looked their studio up and down when I first walked in) was picturesque and beautiful and creative. I will never go to anyone else again.

Q - Please use 3 words to describe how you felt during your boudoir session:

A - Amazing, Calm, Fun

Q - What were your thoughts when you first saw your images?

A - I didn't honestly think it was me when I first saw my first picture. I thought it was someone else and I remember sitting with Nicki and I yelled "Holy s*** thats me?!" I went through all of my pictures gasping and holding my hands to my face and at one point tearing up because they did such a beautiful job on my pictures.

Q - What would you say to someone who is unsure about doing a boudoir session?

A - First off, with anyone doing their first shoot and especially a boudoir one, find someone you are comfortable with and can laugh with. Working with Boudoir Studio 6201 was something I will never forget. All we did was laugh and tell stories during our shoot. They went out and bought me wine. They went above and beyond with what they needed to do and I am eternally grateful. Get someone who knows exactly what you want and can take that and make it 100X better.

And now for her stunning images:

Liz's flawless hair and makeup styling were done by Tiffany from Tiffany Loveless Makeup Artistry. We love you, Tiffany!