Meet Angela!


Angela's boudoir session was first a gift given to her - her adoring partner bought her a gift certificate for the session with us. However, she turned it right around into an extremely thoughtful birthday gift to him - from the Patriots outfit, customized for him, to the Christian Louboutin heels that he loves, and even the button-down shirt she snagged from his closet - she put a lot of thought into making the images ones he would really love (although I'm sure that she being the subject of the images alone was enough for him!)

Working with Angela has been a wonderful experience - she's so bright and upbeat, not to mention absolutely gorgeous! She took the time to let us know about her experience which means so much to us. Here are some of her valued words:

"Nicki & Asif:  I could barely sleep last night I was so excited after viewing the proofs! Thank you both so much for everything. The pictures are AMAZING! I can't wait to see Chuck's reactions when he sees my outfits.  He has no idea and is going to be blown away when he sees it all. You guys are so amazing and this has been such a fun experience for me.  I know this started off as a surprise to me, but I'm more excited now to surprise Chuck with the patriots outfit and the shoes.  He is going to FLIP when he sees those!!  I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. "

She even let us know Chuck's response:

"Asif & Nicki:  I had to share Chuck's excitement with you when he saw the pictures.  He was blown away by what you did Asif, as was I!  He was overjoyed to see my Patriots outfit and he LOVED the shoes! He absolutely LOVES the pictures. You guys are so awesome and I truly appreciate all your help through this process. I had so much fun (besides my back hurting the next day from arching it so much) and am glad I have these pictures to look back on when I'm 70 years old with wrinkles and saggy boobs :(  I never felt uncomfortable and trusted you guys completely.  I just love it!  Never thought I'd do anything like this but I'm so glad I got the opportunity to."

And we are so glad that we got the opportunity to work with you, Angela! Thank you!!!

~Asif & Nicki

Now check out her stunning photos: