Yvonne - A true inspiration

It is amazing to hear what Yvonne had to say about her boudoir photography experience, especially the actual photo session itself. I met Yvonne about 7 years ago when I was just getting started in boudoir. We had talked about doing a shoot then and I was extremely nervous about the whole thing for a couple of reasons. First, I was so new at it, and second, she actually did some modeling work with some of the photographers I knew back then who were more advanced than I was. She ended up having to travel out of town and the shoot never happened.

Fast forward to this session recently: I had forgotten about us having met and when she reminded me, all of a sudden those nervous feelings returned and I was intimidated all over again. Remembering that she would work with photographers who were actually helping me out and teaching me how to be a` photographer was nerve wracking. I kept those feelings inside, of course, and just moved forward as I would for any client of mine. To hear her side of the story about the whole experience is truly amazing and a humbling thing for me.  

She shared her life story with me and all that had transpired in the last few difficult and trying years but you would never know she had so much on her plate. She is candid, humorous, heartfelt and so full of life. I am energized, motivated and truly inspired by Yvonne. Please read her words about the experience below:

- Asif

Q |  How did you feel in the moments leading up to your boudoir session?

A | Leading up to the shoot I was very nervous, but excited too. But as soon as I met Asif,  he put me at ease, chatting away in a very relaxed atmosphere. At one point he asked me to show him my outfits. As soon as I started laying them out, he smiled and commented on how I must be very at ease with the way I was spreading everything out, just like I would in my own home. We laughed about it!! But I have to admit, I felt very at home.

After showing him what I had with me, he chose the outfits that he thought would be the best for the shoot.

I was then seated for makeup and hair styling, by the most amazing makeup artist and stylist, Nikki.  She was so lovely and she laughed and smiled all the time. We also had music playing in the background which added to the fun atmosphere.

I have to admit that I don't wear makeup, just lipgloss, so seeing myself for the first time with full makeup was very strange, I couldn't believe it was me!! I scrubbed up pretty nice, if I do say so myself, lol!


Q | Please use 3 words to describe how you felt during your boudoir session:

A | Relaxed, sexy, alive


Q | How did you feel in the moments after your session?

A | Afterwards I was sad it ended, as I was having so much fun, my confidence was at an all time high! Asif showed me a couple of shots he had taken and I was so proud - this girl was getting her mojo back and rocking it lol!

Q | Please use 3 words to describe how you felt when you saw your images:

A | When I went back to view the shots - WOW YEP WOW!!    

I was a little surprised to say the least, I could not believe that woman was me!! 

A menopausal 55 year old, au natural, who was feeling fat and frumpy, and believe me the last few years had been very hard on me, but now I had turned into feeling confident and happy! And, hey, you can be any age and still be beautiful, and after all,  AGE. . . well that's just a number!! And you can be any size and still be sexy!  I needed to feel alive and sexy again and this shoot did exactly that. 


Q | What would you say to someone who is considering doing a shoot with Boudoir Studio 6201?

A | I say to anyone considering doing a shoot: it will make you feel amazing, it will give you confidence, it will give you the woman back who's inside you. Lets face it, everyday life just passes us by and we don't always feel special. Doing a boudoir session will give you memories and the prints or book will always be there to remind you: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL in every way. . . 

The little black book is such a classy reminder of your day. I have given it to my hubby who is beaming with pride! He keeps going through it telling me he's a lucky guy. 

Thanks for an amazing memory.  

- Yvonne