Meghan's Story

The Gift of Boudoir Pt 2

I did my shoot last year for my boyfriend’s and my anniversary. The whole thing was a surprise for him - or at least it was supposed to be - I even scheduled the shoot for when he was out of town on a ski trip so he wouldn't notice my absence. 

I had ordered the package where I could choose 4 outfits, I had a general idea of which ones I wanted to use (the Boudoir Studio 6201 team helped me further narrow it down) but I knew that one outfit I absolutely had to have in the shoot was one of his favorite hoodies with nothing underneath :)

The day before he left for the ski trip I saw him pack the sweatshirt in his suitcase. When he wasn't looking, I grabbed it and hid it. He texted me at the start of his trip asking me if i knew where the hoodie was; I played dumb. 

After the shoot was over (most fun I've ever had) my boyfriend returned home and I was so excited that I spilled the beans on my surprise for him. He loved the idea so much! I offered to have him come in to view all of the photos with me and select the ones that would end up in the photo-book.

When we went in and started looking through the pictures, he said it was so incredibly hard for him to narrow all of the beautiful photos down to the 20 that we selected. That made me feel great (although most of the credit should be given to Asif's incredible talent). We kept scrolling through all of the options and finally came to the section where I was wearing the hoodie. ("So that's where my hoodie went!") It was in this section that he found his favorite photo - a candid one that Asif snagged of me laughing, wearing the hoodie. 

The photo-book is proudly displayed in our master bedroom, I constantly catch myself and my boyfriend looking at it and still loving every picture! 

I would love to get a chance to do another shoot, and plan on scheduling one in the near future even if it's a "just because" thing. It is worth noting that not only did my boyfriend absolutely love it as a gift, but the whole experience has made me feel so amazingly beautiful, sexy, and confident. I really think that everyone should do it at least once in their life - even if your body is not "perfect"!