Meet Sarah:

The Gift of Boudoir Pt 3

This is the final post in this 3-part series. We would like to introduce Sarah to you and her story of how she shared the gift of boudoir with her hubby:


I decided to do this for my husband as a Valentine’s Day surprise! We have been married for 3 years already and he has been so supportive of every choices I have ever wanted to make, from vacation and education to critical family support. 

I wanted to do something very special, but different for him. I have always been a modest gal, so I knew this would blow his mind! 

I had to work on Valentine’s Day, so we celebrated the night before. We kept it simple by going out to dinner then to a quiet wine bar afterwards. While at the wine bar I put the album on the table and said “Happy Valentines Babe.” I anticipated his puzzled response, “What is this?” As he proceeded to flip through the book saying, “OMG what did you do?! When did you do this?! OMG I can’t believe this…..can we go home right now?!” I just smiled from ear to ear, sipping my wine and giggled in his responses. 

My favorite element of his response was that he was surprised and shocked! His face was literally priceless and it was perfect that we were out in public so he had to contain his emotions. He just kept saying, “I never would have thought! I can’t believe you do this, I love you so much.” 

He has been so supportive of everything for me over the years, I wanted to do something extra special and unique just for him. My shoot was so comfortable and fun! I am excited that I stepped out of my comfort zone for my husband, as this is something he really deserved and truly loves.