Sarah's Story


There are many reasons why a woman chooses to do a boudoir session: there’s the bride-to-be who wants to create a fabulous wedding day gift, the woman in her fifties celebrating a new stage in her life, the 20-something who has it on her bucket list and is doing this simply for herself, and the list goes on. . . 

This blog is the beginning of many that will focus on the “why” behind the boudoir session. To start, our first series of blogs is devoted to giving boudoir photography as a gift. Once our clients walk out the door after their photoshop appointment (when they see their images and select their favorites to purchase), we don’t usually get to hear the rest of the story! What happened when their partner got his gift?? What was his reaction?? 

Well, we decided to ask our past clients if they’d be willing to share their stories about giving their partner the gift of boudoir. The response was overwhelming! We were touched as we read story after story of how the gift was given and how he responded to it. So we want to highlight 3 of those stories for you to enjoy!

Let’s get started with Sarah’s story: 

After having the chance to work with Asif for my engagement photos, I knew I needed to work with him again. When the opportunity came up to do a boudoir shoot, I knew it was an amazing chance to work with a very talented photographer and the perfect way to surprise my fiancé.

We have never been big on Valentine’s Day, usually a homemade dinner and movie in. But this year was different. This was the year I say "I Do" to the man who is not only my best friend, but the one the completes me, my soul mate, with whom I get to spend the rest of my life with. And I wanted to make this Valentine’s Day 2016 very special with a pre-wedding gift. 

I wanted to surprise my fiancé in a way that he wouldn't expect anything less from me. I’m the redheaded adventurous type that is always up for new and exciting ways to express myself and boudoir was the perfect fit. I had the chance to feel and look flawless while getting my picture taken for my love. Sure I was nervous, but it was also exciting! 

It started with getting pampered by a stylist and then moved to a setup where I became more confident as the shoot went on, because Asif helped me through the entire process to make me look stunning. And I had quite a number of pictures to pick from. . . deciding on my top 10 or 20 was quite a challenge.  

I gifted my fiancé a leather bound book of 20 images and the opportunity to pick his favorite image to print and frame. I remember wrapping it up carefully the night before, so excited to share with him these special photos that made me feel like a rockstar. Handing it to him the next day, butterflies set in. How would he react? I sat there smiling as he opened the book and then slowly flipped through the pages. I will say he was very quiet, speechless, when he flipped through the book the first time, before pulling me into his arms to smother me with kisses. 

He loved it! He told me how lucky he was to be marrying such a beautiful woman and that I was all his to cherish. His eyes wide with excitement, like a kid on christmas, he couldn't stop poring over the pictures all day, commenting on what he loved about each one and how excited he was to see one of the outfits later that evening. He even commented how maybe we could do a couples boudoir shoot together. 

As of right now we still haven't decided on our one image to frame. Just too many to choose from! And that right there shows just how talented Asif is. We might have to choose a few to print for the bedroom! Due to Asif's amazing work, I am already planning another shoot soon, maybe a honeymoon gift this time around! And maybe even a couples shoot in the future!

We will be featuring another great story next, so be sure to check back soon for Pt. 2!