Meet Kathy

Rochester Boudoir Photography Miss K

She is such a beautiful soul and equally beautiful on the outside. We had a great time working together and creating these wonderful images for her and her hubby. During the session we got to laugh a lot and hear Kathy's wonderful life story. Her self acceptance was absolutely awe-inspiring. It was refreshing to work with someone who is completely at peace with herself and comfortable in her own skin. I wish I knew of a way to bottle her confidence and self-acceptance so I could serve it up to every single client of mine before proceeding with the shoot. For now though, read what Kathy had to say about her experience and check out her awesome images below.

Q | What made you decide to book a boudoir session with Boudoir Studio 6201?

K | I had just turned 50. I wanted a photo collage of myself for my husband, Steve, and I to enjoy. I wanted to see myself as Steve sees me when he looks at me. Fifty was my year of self discovery.

Q | Please use 3 words to describe how you felt during your boudoir session:

K | Comfortable, pampered and invincible (nothing can hold me back)

Q | How did you feel when you got your final product? 

K | I was astonished, I knew it was me, but I didn't realize that I was beautiful, desirable and mysterious.

Q | What would you say to someone who is considering doing a shoot with Boudoir Studio 6201?

K | I have told my daughter to get this done because I want her to use this as a time line of every stage we women go through: early 20's - so young and full of promise; 30's - when motherhood has made subtle changes, fuller curves and softening of youth; 40's - a woman who is more comfortable in her own skin, a more confident and better version of her 20's; 50's - a woman who has learned to love herself after the first couple wrinkles (lol), puts herself first, is more passionate and out-going about what she loves and finally finds herself financially sound while her grandchildren start arriving to keep her young. I have also told my girlfriends about this, how I can now see myself as my partner sees me and it is amazing.

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