Meet Megan!

Rochester Boudoir Photography

Today I'd like to introduce Megan to you. I met her last year to talk about possibly photographing her wedding, which is coming up in just a few weeks. Time flies - it feels as though it was just last week that we had that consultation chat. Soon after that, I photographed her and her lovely fiance's engagement session and I remember it being a blast. They are both so adorable and fun to work with.  I am excited and honored to be photographing their big day next  month. 

A few months ago Megan emailed saying she was thinking about doing the boudoir session. However, in the days following, she nearly pulled the plug and completely backed out because of how hesitant she was of being photographed in such a setting. Considering that, you can only imagine my excitement when, not only did she decide to go through with doing the boudoir session, but she loved her images so much that she gave me permission to show them off to you!!!

Megan is absolutely beautiful and you can attest to that fact as well by looking at these lovely images of her...

Q | How did you feel in the moments leading up to your boudoir session?
M | Although I was a bit nervous, I was even more excited!

Q | Please use 3 words to describe how you felt during your boudoir session:
M | I felt beautiful, serene, and enlivened. 

Q | How did you feel in the moments after your session?
M | In the moments following my boudoir session I felt absolutely exhilarated. I was also relieved I no longer had to worry about if my toes were pointed.

Q | Please use 3 words to describe how you felt when you saw your images:
M | I was absolutely delighted with how my images turned out! 

Q | What would you say to someone who is considering doing a shoot with Boudoir Studio 6201?
M | You must do it! The whole team from Boudoir Studio 6201 is superb - from start to finish, I felt at ease and I left the studio feeling absolutely electrified and sexy!