Tia's Sexy Boudoir Shoot!

A Flashback from 2014 | Rochester Boudoir Photography

Meet Tia!


This sweet soul came for a boudoir session a couple years back. Her personality was so beautiful, laid-back and somewhat shy (umm... you wouldn't think that seeing her gorgeous images!!!).

I guess it is always a little nerve-racking for everyone at the beginning of the session, especially when you find yourself at the door right before going into the studio. All the nerves come pouring down, reinforcing every doubt and apprehension you might have had about moving forward with this. However, once you meet us, you begin to relax and become at ease with the new surrounding and the strangers whom you're finding yourself becoming friends with... us. Beyond that as the shoot progresses and you see a couple images right at the beginning, you find yourself reassured and relaxing even more. The predominant thought at this point is "I can do this." once that thought begins to settle in the nerves dissipate and a transformation occurs. This is the best part of what we do. We get to experience this with each and every single client of ours.

This was the case with Tia. She relaxed almost right away and let her beautiful personality come forward and you can see that her light was shining the whole time through her photographs below. We had so much fun through out the shoot. We laughed a lot and shared some happy tears... you know, because we are so funny and tell such great jokes that we all laugh till it hurts, or till tears just drop!

Ok, that's enough rambling for now... you can read about Tia's experience with us below and look her beautiful photographs. Enjoy!

Q| What made you decide to book a boudoir session with Boudoir Studio 6201?

Tia| I didn't really know about Boudoir Studio 6201 until I saw it advertised. After looking at the website, I fell in love! The women featured on the site were romantic, sultry, and sexy!! All shapes and sizes, that's all I needed to see!! 

Q| Please use 3 words to describe how you felt during your boudoir session:

Tia| Confident - Sexy - Pampered

Q| How did you feel when you got your final product?

Tia| Amazed - Excited - Beautiful

Q| What would you say to someone who is considering doing a shoot with Boudoir Studio 6201?

Tia| Do it!! As an average sized woman, Boudoir Studio 6201 helped me feel so sexy, comfortable, and confident. Every woman should have this experience.