Today we're featuring Miss J. You just have to look at the first image to realize she is absolutely stunning! Her hubby is definitely in for an exciting surprise. Can't wait to hear about his reaction to his wedding day gift!

We absolutely LOVE what we do and couldn't possibly imagine doing anything else. Miss J was referred to us by another lovely couple who's wedding we photographed just a few weeks ago. Miss J came in and met with us, booked us for her wedding and we talked about maybe doing a boudoir session as a surprise for her hubby-to-be.

Well, as you can see, she came in and did the session. The other day I had the privilege of photographing her again with her lovely fiance and we had a blast during the shoot together! Miss J came in to see her photos a few days later and will be returning again with her fiance to see her engagement photos shortly. In a few short weeks I get to photograph their wedding, I'm excitedly looking forward to it and cannot wait to share their wedding images with them.

Nicki and I simply LOVE the fact that we get to spend so much time together with our AMAZING clients. By the time the event is over, we've met with each other several times and developed a friendly bond together. That is priceless and that is what we love about what we do.

So Miss J (and fiance) along with the rest of our awesome clients, we'd like to say THANK YOU to all of you for giving us the great opportunity and privilege of meeting you and  working with you!!!

We love you and cannot be any happier to have met you!

- Asif & Nicki