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About Us

Rochester NY Boudoir


About Us

Rochester NY Boudoir

Our Fantastic Four:

About Us

Located in Fairport, NY, The Boudoir Studio is a branch of A Touch of Elegance Photography.

Our mission is to create an unforgettable boudoir experience for EVERY woman who walks in our door and present her with a selection of fine quality art pieces to preserve her gorgeous images. 

This experience is made possible through the collaboration of our awesome team:


Meet Asif

My name is Asif Ali and I want you to think of me as YOUR personal photographer. I have had the honor and privilege of creating intimate portraits for over 800 women from the greater Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo areas and beyond since 2010.

Some of my favorite things to do are playing with my 4 beautiful children, staying up late with my lovely wife of almost 17 years, and drinking americanos from The Daily Grind Coffeeshop (to help cope with staying up too late!).

I also thoroughly enjoy what I do- it never gets old seeing the transformation that takes place in each client I get to work with. It is my conviction that you being "photogenic" has nothing to do with you, it has everything to do with me. Over the years, most of my clients have never done a photo session like this and are very nervous about their ability to pose and look sexy.

If you feel this way, be assured that I will coach you every step of the way, directing everything from the expression on your face to how you point your toes. And fair warning, your session will feel more like a yoga/pilates workout than a portrait session! So rather than feeling nervous or awkward, you'll be thinking to yourself, "Take the picture, already, Asif before I kick you in the face!" :) But you'll be able to relax too as there will be plenty of corny jokes and goofy moments to laugh about throughout the session. It will be a blast :)

Meet Nicki

My name is Nicki Ali, I am Asif's wife and a stay-at-home mom. Over the years I have filled many different roles at the studio and enjoyed every one of them.

These days I spend most of my time chasing our 4 beautiful children around the house all day, which I thoroughly enjoy doing; I also love the moment when Asif comes home to stay up late with me, and I, too, cannot get enough of a coffee fix from The Daily Grind Coffeeshop :)

I have the privilege of walking you through your boudoir experience - I'll get your session scheduled, answer all your questions, and (my favorite part), I'll get to show you your breath-taking images and help you select your favorites. It is such a thrill to see the reaction each woman has when viewing her images for the first time (and the experience is doubly-thrilling when her loving significant other joins her for this part!).

I am so proud of our products and I will work with you to help you decide what will be the best fit for your images and your budget. It is such a fun process!

Meet Andrea

Hi! I am Andrea Nicklaw, I am one of the photographers at The Boudoir Studio! I have been with the studio for about 5 years, gradually growing into my current roll. I've made the transition from client to assistant to photographer to having a voice on the business end! The process has been one the most rewarding journeys I have been on.

My heart and soul is in this business, I truly believe that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to do. Watching women come in and go though the process from often feeling nervous and unsure, to feeling confident and empowered never gets old. My job is so much more than being your photographer. I am here to be your biggest supporter. Whatever reason has brought you to our studio know that I am beyond excited and feel privileged to be a part of that!

I have an amazing and very supportive husband, Zach, and 2 children. My daughter Vanessa (2) is a spit fire, full of personality, possibly on her way to a career as a stand up comedian or maybe a CEO. . . the verdict is still out. My son Clark (1) would happily spend his day giving the best bear hugs, quietly playing, or planning his next meal!

We love spending time together as a family. Some our favorite things to do together: we like to play make believe, dance it out to only the best one hit wonders, be silly, and end the day watching the same kids movie we most likely have been watching every night for the past month. My husband and I love spending time together, but we're at that point in parenting where IF and when we get a couple hour break we just look at each other like sooo what do we want to do? The answer?! It's typically an excited, “Let's go grocery shopping without the kids!”

Meet Jill

Full-time Juggler of life. I am a wife, mom, student, photographer, home-stead maker, content creator, carb-eating, coffee-drinking, new-aged feminist. . . that’s right, I can stay-at-home and still demand equal rights.

Once a daycare teacher who turned photographer during the fall of 2008, my creative career began at a school day photography company. Working full-time in the industry proved challenging so I also freelanced with a wedding photography company, took newborn photos at the hospital, and also started my own business. In an interesting twist of fate, my friend, Veronica, referred me to apply to The Boudoir Studio to assist Asif with sessions and editing. Now, present day, I am back from a hiatus to create content for all of you!

Now that I am 30 years old, it’s time to have a mid-life crisis (read: EVOLVE)! I am finishing up my degree in psychology at the end of this summer. So you can expect some interesting information on embracing positivity, improving all-around wellness, and empowering women. My writings will be sprinkled into our #rocboudietribe content to give you even more reasons to obsess over The Boudoir Studio.

Lets do this!

Our clients who trust us enough to be photographed by us expose more than just their bodies; by allowing us into their lives, they expose their heart and soul. It is a joy to hear their life stories, to see the transforming power of a boudoir photography session impact their lives. What a privilege that we get  to play a small part in that journey!!

We look forward to meeting you and becoming a part of your journey! Let's do this!


Our Amazing Stylists

Rochester NY Boudoir

Our Amazing Stylists

Rochester NY Boudoir

Hair and Make Up Stylists

In addition to the 4 of us, we work with a select few amazing hair and makeup artists who are true connoisseurs of beauty. They will use their expertise to glamorize you for your session. We strongly recommend that you have hair and makeup done with us. You will be so glad that you did and you'll have a wonderful time as you get pampered! 


(Tiffany Loveless Makeup Artistry)



(Painting Faces by Shoranda)



(with Salon Bella Vita)


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Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Hi Asif and Nicki,

I can’t express in words how happy I am with my book. It was a wonderful experience and you really made me feel beautiful and special :) Everyone I have shown the book to absolutely loves it! You guys are a great team- best of luck to you in your future adventures- and if you’d like to use any of my images on your website or for promotions please feel free to.

Thank you again,
— Cassie
I can’t thank Asif, and his assistant enough for making me feel so comfortable during my session, and his wife Nicki for putting me at ease prior. I left feeling gorgeous and more confident than ever before! This is definitely something I would never do, but wanted something special to give my future husband on our wedding day. I saw the images today and could not be happier, in fact, I upgraded to a bigger book because I had difficulty narrowing it down. I would also recommend the hair and makeup by Shoronda! She knew exactly how to apply the makeup to look best in the lights. THANK YOU to all of you!!
— Miss L
I just wanted to send a quick message to tell you how amazing my boudoir shoot was yesterday. I came in incredibly nervous, but thanks to Asif and his incredible energy and friendliness, all those nerves soon disappeared. He made me feel  beautiful and incredibly empowered as a woman, and brought out a side of me I had no idea existed!  Even a full day later, I am still feeling amazing. I truly think that every woman should do a boudoir shoot at least once in her life, and without a doubt they NEED to do it with Asif. His energy is infectious and his talent is undeniable. He has a true gift. I cannot wait to see my finished photos!! Thank you again for such an unforgettable experience. :)
— Heather
One word describes the images of my wife......AMAZING!!!!!

She surprised me on my 40th Birthday with images from your studio and I was completely blown away!!!!!

My wife is absolutely beautiful and I didn’t think it was possible, but the images from her shoot  brought out even more beauty!  They were sexy, provocative, sophisticated, and most of all brought out an inner beauty that I find so appealing. We are so impressed with your work and have recommended your studio to many of our friends.  Thank you again for an amazing job!!!
— Jamie
It’s nearly 11pm and I cannot stop thinking about the incredible session I had with you today. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and allowing me to come out of my shell to be sexy, classy, and feel really special. Perhaps I’ve felt that way in my life before, but never like this. I had so much fun and cannot WAIT to see the photos. I keep going over the poses in my head and re-living how it felt to look like that! I really believe that you have to get out of your comfort zone to learn and grow - I totally was today and it was amazing. I truly hope every woman can have an opportunity as special as I did today. For me this opportunity was a gift.

My sincerest thanks!
— Lindsey :)
Hey there!

I didn’t get a chance following my session to properly thank you guys for the most AMAZING experience! I had a boudoir shoot this past weekend and I just can’t tell you enough how amazing it was. I was worried and definitely a bit nervous, but everyone was so welcoming and friendly. Plus the energy level and atmosphere was so homey yet exciting, fun & vibrant - I felt completely at ease and comfortable, which I didn’t think would be possible. I’m so grateful for the experience and I can’t wait to see the photos!! You guys are truly THE BEST!!!!!! 

Thank you again so much for everything! :)
— Diana