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Welcome to The Boudoir Studio!

(formerly Boudoir Studio 6201)


We exist to empower you to love your body by celebrating your beauty, confidence, and strength through our boudoir experience.

Imagine a moment in time. . .

Imagine a moment in time when you see yourself: your body, your face, your expression. But, this isn’t like those times when you look in the mirror, when you focus on the imperfections, search for the flaws, or criticize the look. This is a moment of seeing yourself as never before - a moment when you get a glimpse of the you that’s always there, the you that’s been hidden under your misperceptions. 

It’s the moment when the layers of your scrutiny, your criticisms, your self-judgements are peeled away and you get a gorgeous glimpse of the beauty and confidence that’s been inside all along.

You may gasp, you may cry, you may ask, “Is that me!?”. It’s the moment something clicks: “Wow, I look like this!?!”


This is the moment we exist for, here at The Boudoir Studio. This is the moment when we get the privilege of witnessing a powerful transformation in real, every-day women.

It is the reason we do what we do.

It’s not merely about the photos, it’s about the experience, the empowerment, the confidence boost, the turning point that could make all the difference for someone!

So who is this experience for?

It’s for whomever is ready! And how do you know you’re ready? It’s not because you have no fear or nerves, it’s not because you finally got into shape, it’s not because you finally met a man you want to give this gift to. No, you know you’re ready when the desire to experience an empowering revelation in your life is stronger than your drive to “play it safe.”

You know you’re ready when the desire to experience an empowering revelation in your life is stronger than your drive to play it safe.
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It feels like being on the edge of a cliff. . .

that moment when you can either jump daringly into the swimming hole below and enjoy the bliss of the free fall, or turn around and walk back down, never knowing what exhilaration you could have experienced.


Do you have to jump? No, definitely not. But if you don’t jump, what have you missed out on? You’ll just have to accept that you’ll never know. . . And we have just one question for you:

Are you ok with that?


Boudoir is a daring journey, but you won’t travel alone. We are with you every step of the way, to guide you, coach you, and walk with you throughout the experience. All you have to do is take the first step. . . we’re here when you’re ready!


The Boudoir Studio is a sister company of A Touch of Elegance Photography which specializes in high school senior photography and other portrait/wedding photography genres. Check out our site below:


The Experience

The Experience

our boudoir Experience

Even though we are convinced that every woman should experience a boudoir session, we also believe that “one-size-fits-all” does not apply to boudoir. We strive to keep our prices affordable, while being able to offer products that fit each client’s desired end-result.

The customized experience starts from moment you book your session. We will work with you to find out what you want and help guide you along the way to make that desire a reality. Our approach is from the understanding that some clients want a discreet keepsake of their images, while others want their images to become a collection of wall art for their home, while others want a little bit of both!

Here’s an overview of what that process will look like:

Book your shoot!

This is the part where you say "Let's do this." We'll discuss which session is the best option for you and once you've decided, we'll process your session fee and get your session on the calendar. Thus begins your journey with us!

Digital boudoir guide and personalized shoot-planning phone call

We'll send you a link to our digital step-by-step guide for everything you need to know about styling, preparation, outfits and much more. It's a fabulous tool with helpful tips and ideas. 

Every woman has a different level of comfort with her sensuality and a unique perspective on what beautiful and sexy mean to her. This consultation is designed for us to understand what this is for you so we can adjust how we help you prepare, how we coach you, as well as determine the creative direction of your shoot. We do this in order to bring out your particular best. We believe each woman is beautifully unique and we love collaborating with you to discover and capture your individual beauty and sensuality. 

Professional hair & make up

Camera-ready hair and makeup play a huge role in the outcome of your images. We have a fabulous GLAM SQUAD of stylists who work with us. You can book one for your session for just $125 and you won't regret it if you do!

On-set styling & photo shoot

Once you're glamorized it's time to go over your outfits, pair them with the right set and add accessories. Then we coach you through every pose to create the most flattering images imaginable.

In-studio photo purchasing appointment

This is where you see your beautiful images for the first time at our studio. We offer the ability to “Create Your Own Package” of products and include “rewards” along the way! This is the time to make your selection and choose your favorites so we can create beautiful art pieces for you. It's a special moment, seeing the stunning results of all your hard work! 

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Before and Afters

Before and Afters

Before and Afters